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I love to solve problems eloquently, dive into code, and create something out of nothing.

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My name is John and I am a full stack web developer. I have taken a slightly winding path to get to this point, and while I am obviously no expert, it seems that a winding path is the best way to arrive at web development. A winding path has allowed me to have varied interests, jobs, and fields of study. A broad base of experiences has allowed me to view the world in various ways, requiring me to adopt different approaches to solving problems.

The one experience that really pushed me to think about programming as an area of interest, if not a career path, was while working as the head chef at a San Francisco Bay Area restaurant. While I started working in restaurants because I loved food, I soon found my greatest joy was in the analyzing, improving, and refining of almost every system involved in the cooking process.

From detailed cost analysis of ingredients, replete with popularity and cost of prep per unit, to menu creation and layout to maximize profits, I couldn’t get enough. My main mentor was Google and I spent many nights researching anything from work flow processes to kitchen knives, all in an effort to maximize efficiency. I soon realized all this data tracking and crunching could be easily tracked by a computer and set about to optimize everything in Excel. While I had a lot of success, I did run into a few barriers and wished I knew enough programming to be able to write a program of my own incorporating all of the systems I had devised.

I have since left the restaurant industry to pursue something more in line with the joy I found in the creation and implementation of systems, which led me to coding. I hopped from coding site to coding site, picking up bits and pieces here and there but realized I wanted something more comprehensive. Then I discovered the Viking Code School. I am now halfway through my full stack web development education and looking forward to starting a new, fulfilling career.

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